Client: VO2 Sportswear

Position: Creative Director

Dates: June 2013  - Dec 2016 (3 Years, 7 Months)

I left the agency world for a while to undertake a Creative Director role at VO2 Sportswear. An exciting position I could not turn down! During my time at VO2 I did keep an eye on the clients of Phantom and continue to produce creative work for them as well.

Leading a design team in a industry new to myself was challenging but very rewarding. I travelled to our European factory several times to meet the CAD teams, account managers and pattern technologists in order to gain a better understanding of the manufacturing process and how our design work could make us stand out from the rest. Within months VO2 had established a reputation for this and we were gaining customers all across the globe.

The designs and branding were key to our growing success. In a fast paced and competitive market myself and the team had to think outside the box in order to keep pushing forward. Working with brands such as SKY, Aviva, British Gas, Royal Navy, Crystal Palace FC and many others really grew my confidence in working with very established brands. By the time I left VO2 and returned to Phantom I had  worked on over 450 client projects and produced over 2000 custom garment designs. 

From branding and marketing to garment and web design, all aspects of the branding were my responsibility in the role. If it went out then it went passed my eye.

"If you can design for lycra, then you can design on anything"!